Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back to reality

This week was back to work, after 3 months of recovery from surgery.  I must say, it is taking some getting used to.  I truly miss my
knitting time
and quilting time.
I had too easily become accustomed to being in "retirement" mode.  My DH now has the house back to himself as he is already retired.  I say that with tongue in cheek as he has retired from one job and become full time in another....that of constant handyman.  He continues to find so many projects around the house that need "fixin".  I would give anything to have his energy.  All my projects require sitting in one spot.  Soon summer will be here and I'll be off from work again, sitting in one spot or another, 
knitting at the beach,

(yes that's Eleanor, a woman after my own heart!)

quilting on the porch,

 reading in the courtyard,

 ....well you see the pattern here I'm sure.