Saturday, December 31, 2011

Final project of 2011

All my “UFO’s” are complete for this year.  The last was these wonderfully warm (both in fiber and in color) socks that I actually made for myself.   After official inspection by my knitting/quilting kitty, they are ready to wear.  Just in time too.  The weather forecast is finally calling for some cold weather.  We’ve been lucky enough to have had less than wintery weather this year. 

    100_0390                                                             100_0395    
Wishing you all a great year of knitting, quilting and creativity.
Happy 2012

Friday, December 30, 2011


Our family is having a mini population explosion.  Baby girl #2 has arrived.  Another blessed grand niece.  Her name is Charlotte Louise and she’s beautiful.  She was born 2 days ago and her quilt was finished and shipped to her today.  I’ve named her quilt Lottie-Da (Lottie for Char”lotte” and Da for the first two letters of her last name).  Here are a few pics.
(click on each pic to see a closer view)

100_0382      100_0380
100_0381             100_0383

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New “yarn”

I’ve recently gotten hooked on a new kind of yarn.  It’s made out of old t-shirts.  I love anything that is repurposed.  there are several web sites that show how to make the yarn and what to make with it.  I’ve made quite a few hot pads for holiday gifts.    It takes about one t-shirt per hot pad.  They’ve been a big hit.  They work up in an hour or so.   I’ve seen patterns for crochet bowls/baskets.  That’ll be the next project…once I’ve collected enough old t-shirts.  Probably will need at least 3 shirts for a basket with lid.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

“Baby Girl” quilt #1 Complete (Just in time for new the Grand Niece)

(click on pics for closer view)
Finished just in time to welcome a new baby girl into our family.  Little Miranda Jessica arrived just before Thanksgiving.  What a great gift for her family.  Here’s wishing them all a great holiday and wishing her a wonderful “birth” day.

Lucky for me I chose the perfect colors.  Her nursery is all “baby girl” pink.