Monday, September 20, 2010

There's a difference between real time and knitting time

Over the weekend I decided I would try a new pattern I found on the internet. There are actually several variations of this baby sweater, but they are all called the 5 hour sweater. ( If you google this you'll see what I mean.) Well, I am now about 7 hours into this thing and only half way done. I did find a few errors in the pattern I'm using, and it is toddler size as opposed to infant size, but still.....

I do like how it will looks. It has a very interesting yoke pattern.

And it's as easy as pie!

Maybe I shouldn't be knitting while I'm watching football...especially when my beloved Patriots are having a bad day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just time

I can't believe how beautiful it is out today. Wish it was like this all year round. And to sweeten the pot, I've got the day off. No school....primary election day. What a country!! Think I'll just sew and knit the day away. My creative juices are running and I need to let them lead me where they want to go. Love it when there are no obligations, no chores, no errands....just time!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

School's in Session

Back to school yesterday, and today we're hearing talk of Hurricane Earl causing a bit of a hiccup for the start of the school year. Although the full force of the storm dosen't look as though it will impact us, the "chatter" is very lively. Never mind that we're in the middle of a 4 day heatwave. Brutal when the school isn't air conditioned. We're managing with a couple of fans, but barely. With the approach and departure of the hurricane our local weather people are promising much cooler, more seasonable weather. Can't wait. Autumn is my preferred time of year. The colors are spectacular and the air is refreshing. I always take inspiration from the turning of the leaves, in both quilting and knitting. There something special about the earthiness of the sight and smells of fall.

Although I didn't blog all summer, it dosen't mean I wasn't busy. I did finish two promise quilts, (the names are "A Beary Nice Day in The Park" and "Which way To The Zoo"), as well as several pairs of socks, a various knitted accessories ear marked as Christmas gifts. Thank God for air conditioning, as we had one of the hottest summers on record. Also, one of the driest.....therefore the gourd experiment was a bust. Will try to buy some from local farms for crafting in the next month or so.