Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another “Promise Quilt” Completed

“Going Places”
This “Promise Quilt” took longer to finish than usual due to holiday projects that needed to be done in time for gift giving, not to mention the limit access I had to my sewing studio while I was in the wheel chair.  As you can see in the next picture, it got the seal of approval by my quilt  “inspector”!
I’ve already got the newest “Promise Quilt” ready to go.  It’ll be called “Spread Your Wings”.  The fabric, once chosen, usually  “speaks” to me and lets me know it’s name.  Hopefully it won’t take as long as this one did.  I’ve got a few others on deck waiting to come to life.  I may have to actually give up some knitting time (OH NO!!!!!) to get these quilting projects done.   So much to do… little time.  What will I do when I actually have to go back to work.  I really don’t have time to work.  But, alas, I have to go back in order to make money to support my habit!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Budding Pastry Chef

Our beautiful Dear Granddaughter decided to make some scrumptious desserts.  My mouth is watering!!! 

100_0157    100_0159

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go Pats!!

plate 1     plate 2

Finally got my special license plates!  They were ordered last year for my birthday (by my dear daughter), and they arrived this year for my birthday.  Just in time for the playoffs.  Great timing.   The delay in receiving the plates was due to the number that had to be pre-ordered before they would start making them.  They needed to have 1,000 orders.  Last year, when the Pats had a less than stellar year, orders weren’t coming in very well…..but this year, with the tremendous way they’ve been winning, everyone wants to be a fan.  As I said before, my plates were ordered last year…..which goes to show you that I love my Patriots no matter what and am proud to say it as well as display it on my car. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day !

Snow Day!!!!
The weatherman was right about this one.  We sure did get a lot of snow…well over a foot.  Closer to 16”.  While my DH and his assistant are pushing the mounds of snow around, creating huge snow banks along the walkway and driveway, I remain in the house, not much use to them at all.  However, it is the perfect atmosphere for knitting.  I’m currently still in “baby hat” mode.  It’s a great way to clean out all the orphan half skeins I keep finding in my stash.
They stitch up so quick.  I can usually make a couple a day.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cast Off

Well, the cast is finally off and I'm in a "boot".  Still in the wheelchair, but therapy should begin next week, so I'll be introduced to crutches.  I can't wait to be more mobile.  The only good thing about this long recuperation has been all the knitting I've been getting done.  Here are a few of the finished projects.

This  neckwarmer was made with some sock yarn I received for Christmas.  There was only one skein of only 192 yards, so there wasn't enough to make a pair of socks.  So this was what I came up with.  I made my own pattern as I went along.  Looks great as a headband or earwarmer as well.  Maybe it looks so good because of my model (my dear granddaughter).

Neckwarmer pattern:

Materials needed:

Size 6/ 16 in. circular needles
One skein sock yarn (I used Plymouth Yarn's Happy Feet 192 yds.)

Cast on 108 stitches

Row 1:  K2, P2 ribbing
Row 2 & 3:  Repeat row 1
Row 4: Knit
Continue row 4 until piece measures 7 inches
Last three rows: repeat rows 1-3.
Bind Off
I crocheted two rows of scalloping on both ends just to give it a little character. 

The endless scarf below was a real quick project.  My fellow knitting buddy, Kim, told me about this pattern she found on Knit Picks.  She was knitting it one day when she came over for a knitting visit.
I used some very inexpensive yarn sold at a local Job Lot and it really came out better than I expected.  I used the whole skein (7 oz.).   I also used a different size needle than the pattern called for, at Kim's suggestion.  She used size 13, so I did too.  The results were perfect.  I like the shorter look better than the longer one. 

Click here for the link to the pattern.

The last project I wanted to mention was Baby Hats.  Another knitting buddy of mine, Selma, recently forwarded me an e-mail about a local knit shop owner who was participating in program called "Caps for Good Campaign".  For some reason this project really struck  me.  I've been knitting baby hats for local hospitals for some time, as have several other knitters in the area.  However, the need for caps for the baby's in these developing countries seems urgently needed.   As a result, I am focusing on making hats for this cause at the moment.   In case you're interested, click here for more info.