Friday, June 25, 2010

No Time Like The Present

Went to local discount store this afternoon and found seeds for the exact gourd I was looking for, and they were marked down to half price. I guess planting season really is getting short. But like I said before, nothing ventured, nothing gain. Seeds only cost $1.00. Planted then as per instructions. Below is one of the “hills”. Now I guess I just sit and wait, and take photos! The directions say they should germinate in 7 to 10 days.

If I get lucky, I should have some gourds sometime in mid October, if my calculations are correct (packet says they will be ready for harvest in 110 days).
I almost forgot to mention that while I was playing the farmer’s wife in the back field, I was paid a surprise visit by a local resident. She didn’t seem to mind I was digging up her “yard”.

Research and Development

Am thinking of starting something new, not related to knitting or quilting. I’m thinking of making birdhouses…quirky ones. Just some ideas starting to percolate. Not sure if I’ll actually do it, but the creative process is interesting anyway. Might be fun to try something different.

Did a little research these past two days and have found an interesting bird house craft.

I remember thinking about these 2 or 3 years ago and wanting to attempt to make some then. I like that they are easily renewable, economical, and natural. If you want to make them “unnatural”, they afford a large degree of creativity. Painting, carving, and woodburning are a very popular way of embellishing . Also they can be turned into several other objects d’art other than birdhouses. You are only limited by your imagination as to what they can be used for; bowls and vessels, jewelry, etc. Yes, I think this deserves a little bit more research. I’ve determined a good place on our property to try growing some of my own. Will try to locate some seeds today for planting, although it is getting late in the season. I’ll give it a go however, since I only have the price of seeds to lose. They do take some time to cure, about a year. I’ve heard of a local farm that sells gourds in season and plan on visiting then in the next week or so to see what they have to offer for this season, since I’m itching to get something going as soon as possible.

A Promise to Noah

For several years now, I’ve been making quilts for children in crisis, be it medical, emotional, social, or otherwise. My foundation is called “A Promise to Noah” in honor of my grandson. Each quilt carries with it a promise of hope. They are stitched with love and prayers so each child can find the necessary strength to face their specific challenge. Each quilt is unique and has been named. The recipient receives with the quilt, a card with a message of encouragement and the name of their personal one-of-a-kind quilt. They each have a secret pocket which carries their card. Once the card has been removed, this secret pocket becomes a special place to keep “little treasures”.

Here's a sample of one of my "Promise Quilts".

Starting over

I initially began a blog under a different blog provider but found it too complicated to do what I had in mind. From what I've seen on this provider, it seems to have a simpler approach to adding different elements. So I'll give it a go. Will try to re-post a couple of things from the old blog. Wish me luck.